Montréal, QC, Canada
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The “Recruiter” will be specializing in the recruitment and selection of advisors and leaders in the insurance and financial services as well as specializing in individual life and health domain, meeting the criteria of its recruitment and selection process.

The recruiter will be responsible for networking to source suitable candidates.  This can be from a previous personal pipeline, networking, events, social media etc. Currently we are working on a pilot project and if it proves to be successful this could potentially be another avenue for future leads.  These leads would only be provided to those recruiters who have used their own resources and have been successful at bringing candidates to the pipeline for selection.

It is the duty of the assigned “Regional Recruiter” to select and recommend for appointment candidates meeting La Capitale’s selection and recruitment criteria.  Candidates may be recruited exclusively by La Capitale for the following professions:

  • Accident & Sickness (A&S) Sales Agent (“Agent”): exclusive self-employed agent specialized in selling income replacement product.
  • Associate Sales and Recruiting Manager (“ASRM”): a successful A&S agent who demonstrates abilities to attract, recruit, train and coach other agents.
  • Other positions that may periodically be needed by La Capitale.

Other responsibilities include the “Regional Recruiter” in developing, supporting, and training good recruitment practices to all those involved in the La Capitale recruitment process, in particular, but not limited to Regional Director and their Associate Directors and Managers and well as other Regional Recruiters and Head Office Employees.

All Recruiters are committed to implementing and maintaining La Capitale’s recruitment and selection processes and tools.  They may also be committed to developing these processes and tools in accordance with La Capitale.  The processes and tools are mainly inventoried in the Recruiting & Selection Handbook as well as in various other documents that will be available to “Recruiters” in accordance with the confidentiality agreement between the parties.

Follow up is essential with all recruitment.  Each recruiter will undertake to measure and carry out follow-ups relating to La Capitale’s recruitment selection and deselection system. Recruiters will produce, share and update follow-up reports to various frequencies requested by La Capitale.

Recruiters are committed to respecting the laws and regulations in force in all the provinces where they have to act. Recruiters agree to submit any audition exercise mandated by La Capitale in regard for audit and continuous improvement.  Recruiter undertakes to keep being aware of the evolution of laws and regulations concerning the recruitment and appointment of agents in the field of individual insurance for the provinces where is called upon to act.

In order to be successful as a team, you will be expected to commit to collaborate with La Capitale’s internal team and partners.  This will include a commitment to engage in resources in reasonable travel and face to face time with La Capitale teams and partners locate at La Capitale’s Head Office or across the assigned regional branches.

This role is considered to be a full-time role with a base salary  but you will be considered to be self-employed and not an employee of La Capitale.  There will be a bonus structure outlined in an offer should you advance to be appointed to this position.  The offer will also include what expenses will be covered. You will be required to spend days in the office with the option to work from home on occasion after the pandemic.  Currently we are primarily working from home.


Previous experience in insurance and/or financial services is a definite asset.  Must be bilingual in both English and French with excellent communication skills and  sound knowledge of MS Office.  You must be currently residing in the Montreal area as a permanent resident.


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